Springboard Series Virtual Roundtable – Windows 7 Application Compatibility Part 2: Virtualization

Date:  Thursday, September 24
Time:  9:00am Pacific Time


The reviews on Windows 7 have been really great so far, but you obviously can’t start using it if, after installing it, all of the stuff you need in order to get your work done breaks. Application compatibility is so important, in fact, that we managed to get Mark Russinovich to come and talk about it not once, but twice!

In our first episode, Mark talked about the overall challenge, the process, and tools to help you get there. We spoke a little bit about remediation as well, specifically in the context of what we’ve been calling the lightweight remediation. Things like shims or policy changes.

Alas, I was unable to attend this event, because they kind of forgot to invite me. They didn’t forget to script me in, mind you, they just forgot to tell me about it until I already had a customer commitment (which I never back out of). All kinds of formulations on how I could get from Ottawa, ON, Canada to Seattle and back without the customer noticing then ensued, until eventually everyone realized the futility of this discussion. So I recommended several folks who are far smarter than me to join the panel in my stead.

Apparently all of these people were unavailable for this round, because this time, they actually not only remembered to invite me, but actually chose to.

This time around, we’ll be discussing the more heavyweight fixes for app compat problems. Specifically, how does virtualization fit into your application compatibility strategies? We’ll be discussing all of the different flavors of virtualization, dispelling myths, showcasing truths, and helping you get the information you need to develop a comprehensive and sensible strategy.

We hope you’re able to join us live tomorrow!

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  1. Nathan C. says:

    I was wondering why you weren’t at the first one.  Maybe they didn’t invite you because they thought you’d break out Access 2.0.

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