Windows 7 Application Compatibility Labs in the US

In the run-up to any operating system release, we start to see a lot of “world tour fever” and Windows 7 is no different. Windows has a huge partner ecosystem, and we want to make sure that we at least stand a fighting chance of helping you get it done by at least getting a little bit closer to where you are – and that involves collecting a few frequent flier miles.

June looks to be USA month, and I saw this come across my email, so I figured I’d share it. The Developer and Partner Evangelism (DPE) team is holding 4 events in June for ISVs:

June 1 – Mountain View, CA

June 8 – Reston, VA

June 15 – Alpharetta, GA

June 22 – Waltham, MA

If you’re interested in an opportunity to work with some of our engineers to test your application on Windows 7 (and get some help debugging it if it doesn’t work), you can register here:

I’m not doing any of these myself, though I’ve done these events in Taipei and Tokyo and they’ve always been very enlightening and can start a great dialog. I hope some of you are able to attend!

Comments (4)

  1. Into Windows says:

    Nice opportunity for US people.

  2. TD Williams says:

    Chris, we’re having an issue deploying DCP’s in a customer environment.  Basically, the DCP installs, the service starts up, then we get a ‘fatal error’ from the Inventory Collector and the DCP self-uninstalls.  Any help would be great (we installed it with admin privileges to an XP SP3 box w/IC, UACCE, and WCE in the DCP).  Is this related to the share permissions where the logs get written?

  3. TD Williams says:

    Chris, we found the culprit on the DCP error.  Beyond Trust’s Privilege Manager.  The latest version works.  Due to tight timeframe for AppCompat POC, we’re deploying to workstations w/o this software (it won’t be used going forward on Win7).

    Sorry for the comments unrelated to the original post (was a little desparate for help yesterday).  =)

  4. cjacks says:

    Glad you got it sorted!

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