Documentation Update for the Application Compatibility Toolkit

Last week, we updated the documentation for the Application Compatibility Toolkit. It's kind of hidden, though - if you go to the Application Compatibility Toolkit download page, you will find a new item in the list of files: (1.9 MB)

It's got a bit of a silly name (because it's not just instructions - it's the update also) and a silly package (or no package, really - you drag and drop the new chm into a protected Program Files folder, so you'll get UAC prompted), but it is goodness.

Liz Ross is the technical writer who creates the docs for ACT. She's got some other goodies as well, and this is the latest manifestation of the workflow we've put together. I'm busy translating shim docs from source code to geek, and she's busy translating them from geek to human.

Have a look. I'm particularly interested in getting shim documentation out faster, and hopefully updating without waiting for the next release of ACT can help you be more effective resolving application compatibility issues.

We'd love to hear your feedback on the updated docs!

Comments (4)

  1. Ivan says:

    Have taken a look, thanks Chris.  While I’m very glad to see some documentation starting to appear for this black art topic, I’m still looking forward to full documentation for the SHIM parameters.

  2. cjacks says:

    And I am looking forward to finishing it. 🙂

  3. Joel Barker says:

    I can no longer find the file referenced: At the ACT 5.0 download.  All the installation and configuration instructions available for download and on technet are out of date and contradictory.  PLEASE post that doc or something like it as soon as possible.

  4. cjacks says:

    The doc update install updated the 5.0.2 CHM to a more current version. The 5.0.3 release includes the updated CHM, and is even more current than that one. So, just install the latest kit to get the latest docs.

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