TechEd 2008 and the Windows Vista Bloggers’ Panel

I am just finishing up some prep work on my decks, so I guess it's time to start evangelizing the next big public event I'm fortunate enough to participate in: TechEd 2008 IT Professionals.

I'm delivering one session on project management (I'm looking forward to your feedback here - I'm used to giving hard-core technical sessions!) I'm also delivering not one, but two sessions on Mitigating Application Compatibility Issues using Shims (the second one going deeper than I've ever gone before in a public event). I also have a chalk talk, and I'll be spending some time working in the application compatibility booth. (I'm also cooking up a session on debugging, but I won't get through that in time for June - maybe for TechEd Europe?)

Oh, and I'm campaigning to participate in a Windows Vista Bloggers' Panel hosted by Mark Russinovich. Regardless of who is selected, it should be a fun opportunity to come and nail us with your most challenging Windows Vista deployment questions. If you're attending (there's still time to register!) this should be a great event to stop by!

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  1. Dan Becker says:

    Definitely take a look at Scott Berkun’s (ex-‘softie) work. From this IT Pro’s perspective, it’s one of the best, most realistic software/IT project management books I’ve ever seen.

    One thing I really like about it – the things Scott mentions are things I’ve seen all the best PM’s I’ve worked with doing, and are generally missing from the weaker ones’ PM practice.

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