Moving data between 32-bit and 64-bit SQL Server instances

I was recently asked about whether SQL Server data can move between architectures, say from x64 to x86.   Yes, you can move SQL Server data back and forth between x64, x86, and IA64 architectures. The data and log files themselves do not store anything that indicates the architecture and work the same on either…


How to configure DTC for SQL Server in a Windows 2008 cluster

How to configure DTC for SQL Server in a Windows 2008 cluster [This post was revised 11 May 2009 with new mapping information, fixed formatting issues 23 March 2010]   With Windows 2008 you now have the option to use multiple DTCs. There is a lot of confusion over whether to do that for SQL…


x64 Windows – Upgrade from 32bit SQL Server to 64bit SQL Server

Many people are now upgrading from 32bit to 64bit SQL Servers. Most of you have a match between your operating system and your SQL Server platform. For example, most of you install a 32bit SQL Server on 32bit Windows, and if you have the x64 platform of Windows, you usually install the x64 SQL Server….


HDInsight: Hive Internal and External Tables Intro

Small Bites of Big Data Cindy Gross, SQLCAT PM HDInsight is Microsoft’s distribution, in partnership with Hortonworks, of Hadoop. Hive is the component of the Hadoop ecosystem that imposes structure on Hadoop data in a way that makes it usable from BI tools that expect rows and columns with defined data types. Hive tables can…


Sample PowerShell Script: HDInsight Custom Create

This is a working script I use to create various HDInsight clusters. For a really reproducible, automated environment you would want to put this into a .ps1 script that accepts parameters (see here for an example). However, you may find the method below good for learning and experimenting. Replace all the “YOURxyz” sections with your…


The ins and outs of MAXDOP

Configuring MAXDOP   One of the few sp_configure options that good DBAs regularly change is “max degree of parallelism” or MAXDOP. So of course everyone is looking for the one best value to use for that setting. As with most things in the database world, the answer is “it depends.” I’m going to start with…


Access Azure Blob Stores from HDInsight

Small Bites of Big Data Edit Mar 6, 2014: This is no longer necessary for HDInsight – you specify the storage accounts when you create the cluster and the rest happens auto-magically. See or One of the great enhancements in Microsoft’s HDInsight distribution of Hadoop is the ability to store and access Hadoop…


Memory Trimming: A significant part of sql server process memory has been paged out.

I have written about this topic before (in my old SQLCommunity blog) but I still see lots of questions about it. So here is a simplified explanation of this memory trimming issue that is common with SQL Server on Windows 2003. On Windows 2003 you may occasionally see memory trimming messages in your SQL Server…


SQLPASS: Are You Smarter Than an MCM? VLF Demos

Are You Smarter Than an MCM?  I had a great time on Wednesday co-presenting with some great SQL peeps! We dressed up, had a lot of fun, and shared a few technical tips along the way. My demo was on VLFs, an often forgotten and/or misunderstood part of the transaction log technology. The demo files…


24HOP/SQLRally – Fitting Microsoft Hadoop Into Your Enterprise BI Strategy

24HOP/SQLRally – Fitting Microsoft Hadoop Into Your Enterprise BI Strategy   Small Bites of Big Data Cindy Gross, SQLCAT PM The world of #bigdata and in particular #Hadoop is going mainstream. At 24HOP 2012 I talked about how a SQL Server professional fits into this big data world. Hadoop generally falls into the NOSQL realm….