Cloud services are not available in this subscription

You recently got a permission for a given subscription on Azure and when you try to deploy a new cloud service on Visual Studio 2015 you are getting the error “Cloud Services are not available in this subscription” (Figure 1)?

Let’s fix it.


Cloud Services are not available in this subscription

Figure 1. Cloud Services are not available in this subscription


This error is caused because for Azure Service Management (ASM) resources you should be co-admin in order to deploy services.


If you look on the new portal, you can see that you have permission for publishing on this subscription but one thing to keep in mind is that this “Owner” role (Figure 2) is only valid for Azure Resource Manager resources. Even though you can manage Cloud Services on the new portal, it is an ASM resource and that’s why this role is not applicable for it. Roles configured on the new portal are RBAC and they are only valid for ARM resources.

Here you can find more information on ASM vs ARM resources:

Owner RBAC role

Figure 2. Owner RBAC role


So, you should ask for the subscription an Admin to add your user as co-admin on the old portal.(see Update below)

If you do not know who is the subscription Admin you can login on the new portal.

Click on Subscriptions > Select your subscription > All settings (Figure 3)


Searching for subscription admin

Figure 3. Searching for subscription admin


Then Click on Users > Subscription admins > Assigned to > then you should see the subscription admin email (Figure 4).


Searching for subscription admin

Figure 4. Searching for subscription admin


Send an email to the administrator with the steps below. (see Update below)

Login to the old portal, click on Settings > Administrator tab > Add (Figure 5)


Add co-admin to the subscription

Figure 5. Add co-admin to the subscription


Enter the co-admin email address (Figure 6)


Enter co-admin email address

Figure 6. Enter co-admin email address


After you are added as co-admin you can go back to Visual Studio 2015, click on Refresh and you will be able to deploy your cloud service normally (Figure 7).


Refresh publishing Sign In

Figure 7. Refresh publishing Sign In


If you do not want to enable co-admin for this user, this user will not be able to upload the package straight from Visual Studio 2015 but you can enable RBAC Contributor role on the new portal then this user will be able to build the package locally and upload it through the new portal or by using command line to upload it.

To enable Contributor Role:

Go on the new portal > Subscriptions > All Settings > Users > Add > Select “Contributor” > add user email and click OK.

Then the user will be able to upload the package through the new portal and it will be uploaded successfully.

For command line publishing, you can go through this article:

Update 2/16/2018

Here is the new process to get co-admin permissions on the subscription, remember that you need to be Owner in order to add yourself as co-admin.

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