Collecting diagnostic information from Azure management portal when an error occurs


Many a times you see errors on Azure management portal while doing an operation. Most of the times you have to open a support incident to resolve the error or know the root cause of the error.


Here is a neat trick you can use to collect the diagnostic information from the management portal page and provide to the support professional or attach it with the support incident. This will speed up the troubleshooting at the support side.


When you see an error on the management portal always ensure that you have the DETAILS button clicked on the error section so that you get to see the details than just “An operation failed ….”. Please copy the entire message and provide it to the support professional or add it in the problem description of the support incident.



Press “ctrl alt a” key combination on the management portal when you see the error and it will bring up a dialog which will provide you the diagnostic information. Either copy this information or take a screenshot and provide it to the support professional or attach it in the support incident.




Hope this helps.

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