ACS: Identifying and Updating Expiring Certificates, Symmetric Keys and Passwords

Please view this Channel 9 video.

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  1. Saravana bharathi says:

    I saw your interview about expiry of certificates and password in channel9. Its really great for beginners to understand very clearly. Thanks you for the interview. but in the video you have mentioned certificate may be commercial or self sign. May i know how can we identify the certificate which is uploaded is commercial/self signed. share me your knowledge.


  2. saravana bharathi says:

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    kindly reply me on this.

  3. Saravan, Self-signed certificate is one signed with its own private key. You can use makecert.exe shipped with windows to create self-signed certificates and these is no cost. In a self signed certificate the subject and issuer are the same. Commercial certificate are certificates issued by a trusted Certificate Authority like VeriSign and has a cost. The blog article…/self-signed-root-ca-and-intermediate-ca-certificates.aspx has screen shots to show you the differences.

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