BizTalk vs. Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

I have seen the questions about the differences between BizTalk and WF and “when to use what” have been raised multiple time.  Based on my experiences with both technologies and my readings (some listed below), I summarized the usage scenario as follows: – Use WF for application hosted workflow and human workflow – Use BizTalk for…


Scope expansion of my blog

In the past four years, together with other fellows at BAM team, we helped build the BAM feature from ground up.  The groundbreaking BAM v1 was first shipped with BizTalk 2004 and the much improved, highly anticipated v2 is to be shipped with BizTalk 2006.  I felt I’m very fortunate to be a part of a talented and…


Get Microsoft BizTalk 2006 Beta1 today!

BizTalk Server 2006 Beta was just released a few days ago.  Click here to learn about the improvements and new features in BizTalk 2006.  At the bottom of the page, there is a link that will bring you to the page where you can sign up to get a copy of the Beta1 product. Specifically in…


Indexes in the BAM star-schema database

Some customers have asked why some tables in the star-schema database have indexes and others don’t. As suggested by SQL Books Online “Creating and Using Data Warehouses”, all the dimension tables have the index automatically created on the primary key column “<dimension name>_ID”. (BTW these implicit indexes don’t show up in the Query Analyzer, but you…


BAM real-time aggregation vs. scheduled aggregation

BAM supports two types of aggregations: real-time aggregation (RTA) and scheduled aggregation.  Some customers have asked what are the differences between them and when to choose what. The biggest difference is the underling storage.  The storage of RTA is a SQL table and the aggregation is updated and maintained by SQL trigger.  The event importing and aggregation…


Three steps to monitor your business in real-time using BizTalk and BAM

With some arduous efforts, you finally got to see BizTalk server automates, orchestrates and runs your business process day in and day out. Congratulations! You may see messages/documents come and go, but no one really has a grasp how your overall business is doing. So, you may be wondering “Gee, I wish I can ‘see’…


bm.exe deployment common errors and resolutions

Admin uses BAM Manager command line utility bm.exe to manage the dynamic SQL and OLAP tracking infrastructure.  bm.exe does many things for you during the deployment of a Xml or XLS file — creating SQL tables, indexes, triggers, views, stored procs, OLAP cubes, DTS packages, SQL and OLAP security roles etc.  I compiled some of the common errors…


Welcome to the BAM Online Lounge!

2004 is the first year BAM, a powerful business user-oriented feature of BizTalk Server, was released to the public.  I figured the best way to conclude year 2004 is to start off a blog dedicated to BAM.  Happy blogging! -ChunBAM Developer