DirectXTK and DirectXTex now on Codeplex

The DirectXTK and DirectXTex libraries now have official homes on Codeplex. The Codeplex site has the latest release packages, source code revision history with a Team Foundation Server source depot, documentation wiki, and issues tracker. Note: The official Windows SDK Sample version of DirectXTex is available on MSDN Code Gallery. The Windows SDK…


Direct3D 11 Textures and Block Compression

Creating and loading textures There are a number of previous posts on the state of .DDS files which is the container format for Direct3D resources (see MSDN for some basics). The DDS File Format Lives DDS Update and 10:10:10:2 Problems DDSWithoutD3DX Sample Update With the retirement of the D3DX library, the recommended solutions for working…



As part of my Gamefest 2011 presentation Modern Texture Content Pipelines (US / UK), I demonstrated the “DirectXTex” library which is a shared source implementation of DDS file I/O (including the “DX10” header extension), texture content processing operations (resize, format conversion, mip-map-generation), software block compression (BC1 – BC7), height-map to normal-map conversion, and a simple…


BC6HBC7EncoderDecoder Sample Update

Direct3D 11 class hardware through the Direct3D 11 API supports two new texture compression formats: BC6H and BC7. These new Block Compressed formats provide excellent compression for High-Dynamic Range (HDR) images and higher-fidelity traditional content. The D3DX11 library includes a software implementation of the encoder, but the new BC formats are extremely asymmetric meaning the…


Known Issue: TexconvEx

Doing some work on the texconvex tool (the Direct3D 10.x/11 version of the Texture Conversion Tool), I discovered that my use of the NULL render device resulted in garbage output from this tool in some scenarios. This is easily remedied using the WARP or REFERENCE device. Since this is just a simple shell around D3DX…


DDSWithoutD3DX Sample Update

Over the past few releases of the DirectX SDK, I’ve been working on updating our documentation for the DDS file format. The DDSWithoutD3DX and DDSWithoutD3DX11 samples in the DirectX SDK (June 2010) release demonstrate the details of interpreting the DDS file format for basic 2D textures and 2D texture arrays for Direct3D 9, Direct3D 10.x, and…


DDS Update and 10:10:10:2 Problems

The DirectX SDK (June 2010) release includes the fixes to the DDSWithoutD3DX and DDSWithoutD3DX11 samples I mentioned in earlier posts. The Programmer’s Guide for DDS in the Windows DirectX Graphics documentation was also updated to reflect the latest format details. There is a footnote at the end of the documentation chart that I wanted to expand on, and…


The DDS File Format Lives

For anyone doing work with DirectX, you’ve likely run into texture data being stored as a .DDS file. This format has it roots in the misty dark ages of DirectX history and in fact “DDS” stands for “DirectDraw Surface”. The format is largely just a binary blob with a header derived from DirectDraw 7 structures….