Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (a.k.a. Version 1710) will be released October 17 is now available. The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK (10.0.16299) is now available and can be installed via VS 2017 (15.4) or as a standalone installer. This includes DirectXMath 3.11, updated DirectX 12, and updated Direct2D/DirectWrite. See What's New in Windows 10 for developers, build 16299.

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK resolves a number of conformance errors in Windows system headers enabling the use of the /permissive- switch with the latest two-phase name lookup (thus allowing you to avoid the need to use /Zc:twoPhase-).

Note: See KB4034825 for some deprecation notes for the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

C/C++ Compiler: The VS 2017 (15.4) compiler contains a few servicing updates since the previous update (version 19.11.25547).

VS 2015 Users: The Windows 10 SDK (15063, 16299) is officially only supported for VS 2017.

C++/WinRT: New C++/WinRT headers for this Windows 10 SDK are now available on GitHub and NuGet.

UWP: Prior to the VS 2017 (15.4 update) you had to install older Windows 10 SDKs to be able to set an older "Minimum version" in the UWP project properties. This has been fixed so that you only need the Windows 10 SDK (16299) and can select all older releases (15063, 14393, 15086, 10240) as the minimum if needed.

FXC: With the Windows 10 SDK (15063/16299), the FXC compiler and the D3DCompiler_47.DLL were made side-by-side. From the Developer Command Prompt for VS 2017, using FXC will use the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (14393) version. You need to explicitly select the side-by-side version if you want to use a newer one from the command-line: "%WindowsSdkBinPath%%WindowsSDKVersion%\x86\fxc.exe"

GitHub: I've made new releases of my various libraries that now build with the Windows 10 SDK (16299): DirectX Tool Kit (DX11, DX12), DirectXTex, DirectXMesh, and UVAtlas.

Samples: Windows-universal-samples, DirectX-Graphics-Samples, Xbox-ATG-Samples, and directx-sdk-samples have been updated to use the new Windows 10 SDK (16299). There is also a new version of D3DX12.H updated for the updated Direct3D 12 headers (now included in directx-vs-templates)

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Comments (9)

  1. Harrypotter06 says:

    Yes and the SDK 16299 have a verry big bug – so, don’t use and install it !!!

    1. What “very big bug” are you talking about?

  2. alexis sotelo says:

    I am trying to make UWP PC application using Unity engine. However when I try to make a build I get an error saying “Could not find WindowsMOBILE SDK”. I already updated my vs2017 still can’t find it. I don’t even understand why I need a mobile sdk for a PC app.

    1. You should try the Unity community for support.

  3. DegeVoodoo says:

    Sorry if I’m posting my question to the wrong place, but it’s related to Fall Creators Update and I think only an MSFT guy could help me, or answer my question.

    I found that occlusion test for full screen mode of IDXGISwapchain::Present is broken in FCU.
    In short, DXGI can find that a swapchain window is occluding itself, and switches away from the application.
    Up until Creators Update it never happened. I made a post about it here, for the details:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    1. I’ve already reported this issue to the DirectX graphics team. Someone should be reaching out to you shortly…

      1. DegeVoodoo says:

        Thanks for your help, Chuck!

        1. Kricket says:

          I haven’t been able to play Neverwinter (Arc games) since the update. It just gives me an error that my video card needs to support DirectX Hardware Feature Level 10. I has having no problems immediately before the patch. I’d love to figure out how to back the patch out but it doesn’t look like I can.

          1. Please file a feedback bug here so that the graphics team can take a look at this. It could be a bug in the game itself, but it would be useful to know why it fails now…

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