Visual Studio 2015 Update 3

VS 2015 Update 3 is now available for download, including the updated Community edition. The Visual C++ 2015 Update 3 Redistribution packages are also available (x86, x64), as well as the Remote Debugging Tools (x86, x64, ARM). For more information see the Visual Studio Team Blog. Be sure to read the release notes.

Update: See the Visual C++ Porting and Upgrading Guide and the VC++ Samples GitHub.

Compiler and CRT

VS 2015 Update 3 includes a new version of the C/C++ compiler (19.00.24215.1 with the latest hot-fixes applied). There is also a new version of the C/C++ Runtime (14.0.24212). See these posts for details about the compiler, optimizer, libraries, and standards compliance including expression SFINAE.

Windows 10 SDK: VS 2015 Update 3 includes new Windows Tools 1.4 with the Windows 10 SDK for Version 1511 (10.0.10586). As before, this is an optional install.

Visual C++ Build Tools 2015: There is an edition of Visual Studio available without the IDE for those just looking for the compiler toolset.

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Comments (15)

  1. David Clark says:

    After installing update 3 yesterday, I am no longer able to add nuget packages. I even created a brand new console app just to install one package, but it fails to install.


  2. Marc says:

    Why is the redistributable not yet the one provided on main redistributable page?
    I would not expect Microsoft to just forget that. Only the direct link on this page provided the revision 14.0.24210, because the redist page still gives me the old 14.0.23026

    1. @Marc – I just tried downloading the REDIST from here and it served the 24210 (Update 3) version as expected.

      1. VS2015 Update 3 comes with 14.0.24212 which has no corresponding symbols on Microsoft Symbols server and no redist on Microsoft Downloads (there are old 14.0.2410 versions).

        1. Interesting. I just tried the same link and got 14.0.24212 for the REDIST.

          1. Mike McGrath says:

            Hi Chuck,

            I just tried the REDIST page, and I got 14.0.24210, which doesn’t match the 14.0.24212 that the actual update provides.

  3. Dan Jackson says:

    Will you be adding VS2015 updates to WSUS at some point?

  4. Antony Boggis says:

    If also like to know what registry entries/paths to check (for installers) so that I can automatically run the redistributable installer if it’s not already installed.

    I am checking this path for x86: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{462f63a8-6347-4894-a1b3-dbfe3a4c981d} (if key exists, it’s already installed)
    and for x64: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DevDiv\vc\Servicing\14.0\RuntimeMinimum (expecting a value of 14.0.24212 for UpdateVersion)

    I am running into issues with my application installer if the redistributable for update 3 (x86) is already installed – so I am assuming my registry check is incorrect.

    1. The short answer is: Don’t rely on undocumented registry checks. Just always run the VCREDIST package and let it decide what needs installed.

  5. bncrane says:

    If you run the installer under elevated privileges a dialog will tell you that debugRuntime or redistributable is ‘not a valid package’ for the 14.0.24211 installer. Apparently it is looking for a specific version of these utilities and nothing else will do. I really wish MS would do a better job of coordinating the installer with the packages it needs. Or at least have a ‘prerequisites’ module that checks to see if you have what it wants. Oh, did I mention that if you don’t elevate to Admin it will just sit there idling away with no clue what is causing it? I’ll have to use VS2013 until they sort out the problem. P.S. on my personal machine (as opposed to my work machine) it installs fine but that one is running the anniversary ed.

    1. bncrane says:

      I have to reply to my own message to make this addition. Since my personal machine installed VS2015 just fine I took the debugRuntime files from that machine that had the right code 14.0.24211 and transferred them to my work machine. The previous run of the VS2015 installer insisted on the 24211 version of runtimeDebug. Now when I run the installer it says these are ‘not valid installation package for Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 x86 Debug Runtime-14.0.22816’ the little stinker switched versions on me and said ‘no dice’. I this a joke? This is similar to all those ‘had a problem unknown type’ ‘help’ messages that Win throws off. I’m done for a while. (P.S. I don’t want to complain when VS2015comm is free but couldn’t they be a little more careful about their code?)

      1. Sorry for the frustration, but what question are you asking here? If you have product feedback for the Visual Studio team, you should direct it to the Connect site.

        1. Brian Crane says:

          Just that the installer for VS2015 (no updates I’ve gone back to the original) loads the ‘package cache’ with the appropriate 14.0.23026 version of the packages but not the ‘debug runtime x86’ or ‘debug runtime x64’. That was apparently left out of the installer package. The install always hangs while trying to find the ‘debug runtime’s in every update version of VS2015Com. I just want to make the installer happy so it will install VS. If I run with ‘run as administrator’ then the installer tells me that ‘14.0.24210 is not appropriate installer’ for the 14.0.23026 installer. I’m sorry to be so stupid but I just don’t get what the installer wants. Maybe MS forgot to include the debug packages in the installer? Please help!

          1. The Debug version of the CRT has never been deployed by the Microsoft Visual C++ REDIST package. You can use applocal deployment for your test builds, or the Debug MSM, but it’s never been in the main REDIST.

        2. Brian Crane says:

          The installer claims to be installing version 14.0.24210 of the vc_runtimeDebug_x86 installer, and it does load that version into the ‘Package Cache’ folder of ‘Program Data’ folder, but then it says it cannot find the resource needed and asks to be pointed to this installer, however when pointed to the 14.0.24210 installer it then says that ‘this is not a valid installer’ for version 14.0.22816 of the vc_runtimeDebug_x86. Clearly the installer has a mismatch in the module that it installed and what it thinks it needs to install correctly. Several people have reported this problem but most say they have poked around and found workarounds (I’ve tried them all no luck). Odd how this affects a few people but not most. Well VS2015Com is free anyway so the only thing wasted is time. Just have to wait until someone works this one out. Thanks to all.

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