Known Issues: DirectXMath 3.06

The Windows 8.1 SDK includes DirectXMath version 3.06 for use with Windows Store apps and Win32 desktop applications on Windows 8.x, Windows RT, Windows 7, and Windows Vista. DirectXMath 3.06 is also part of the Windows phone 8.1 SDK for use on Windows phone 8.x. There are a number of minor bugs in the library…


Understanding Game Time Revisited

For as simple a task as it seems, tracking time in Windows games is full of potential pitfalls. There are a number of different ways to do it, and the naive ones seem to work fine initially but then you have all kinds of problems later. Case in point: the Visual Studio 2012 templates for…


Visual Studio 2013 Update 4

An update for Visual Studio 2013 is available for download. For more details see Visual Studio Team Blog, Brian Harry’s blog, and Somasegar’s blog. Official KB article 2994375. This includes the official release of a number of fixes from the CTP. Compiler and CRT VS 2013 Update 4 includes a new version of the C++ compiler…


UVAtlas: Return of the Isochart

Thanks to help from the original Microsoft developer, Xin Huang, the UVAtlas isochart technology that previously was only available in the deprecated D3DX9 library is now available on CodePlex. It is standalone and builds with the usual assortment of platform tools: Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2010 with the Windows 8.1 SDK….


DirectX SDK Tools Catalog

In the same vein as my post on where you can find many of the samples from the legacy DirectX SDK, where you can find all the various replacements for D3DX, and the status of various DirectX components; this post is a catalog of where you can find the latest version of various tools that shipped…


Windows 10 Technical Preview

The next version of Windows is now available as a Technical Preview for developers via the Windows Insiders program and for MSDN Subscribers. For more details, see Announcing Windows 10. DirectX SDK Debug Layer: For Windows 10 Technical Preview (9926 or later), you need to enable the debug layer as a Windows optional feature to successfully use…


DirectX Tool Kit: Now with GamePads

The XInput API is almost trivial to use at first glance which is basically two simple C APIs with very simple parameters. There are, however, a number of subtleties that have crept in over the years, including the split between Windows 8 and previous releases. There is also a potential performance problem if you naively…


Visual Studio 2013 Update 3

An update to Visual Studio 2013 is now available for download. For more details see Visual Studio Team Blog, Brian Harry’s blog, and Somasegar’s blog. Official KB article 2933779. There’s also a list of bugs fixed for this release. Compiler and CRT VS 2013 Update 3 includes a new version of the C++ compiler (18.00.30723.0). There’s…


CodePlex July 2014 Refresh

In addition to the release of DirectXMesh, I’ve also updated the other CodePlex projects with July 2014 releases. DirectX Tool Kit The July 2014 release includes some minor fixes to DirectXTK for Audio and some updates related to the latest Xbox One XDK. The many versions of DirectXTK Simple Sample have been updated on…



A number of my projects over the past few years have been to provide modern replacements for the full range of functionality provided in the now legacy D3DX library: DirectXMath in the Windows 8.x SDK, DirectX Tool Kit and the DirectXTex texture processing libraries on CodePlex. To round out that set, I’ve created DirectXMesh for…