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  1. Sap says:

    on the 3rd day of the //BUILD/ conference there was a C9 live session about Direct3D. there was a bit of a talk in that session about a new "start kit" from the directx team for c++/direct3d that would mimic a little bit of XNA and also include many helpers for direct3d development (like directxTK, but more complete i would assume, with thinks like model loading).

    did i understand this correctly? will such starter kit exist? and if so, when will it be released?


  2. walbourn says:

    I'll ask around as this is the first I've heard of it unless it's the .MESH file one from the VS team. FWIW Model/Mesh is on the DirectXTK "todo" list, and feel free to "vote it up" at…/basic The big challenge is the container format and the materials system implications, but we think we have a workable approach in hand.

  3. Phil Napieralski says:

    The "starter kit" that was being talked about was likely this one: . It comes stock with a Mesh loader (support for .cmo format, which you can compile from .fbx, .obj and .dae files) and abstracts away a lot of the DirectX setup you need to do among other things.

    There is also a sample game (hanoi3d) created using the Starter Kit –

  4. walbourn says:

    Ah, good. I already have the mesh file header but not the rest of the kit. That's one of the formats we are consdiering for a model/mesh class loader for DirectXTK (See…/647). Most of the rest of it looks lifted from the Windows Store app samples.

  5. Josh says:

    There's a video now on channel9 about the starter kit…/Visual-Studio-3D-StarterKit

    Would be cool to get some more coverage on the dxtk as well? Or maybe merge the two with some more support for shader/mesh loading and resource management in dxtk.