BUILD 2012 Conference

The BUILD 2012 conference includes a number of game developer related presentations which are available on Channel 9.


Windows Store apps

Designing games for Windows 8

Core technologies for Windows 8 games 

Developing a Windows Store app using C++ and DirectX

Graphics at the core of Windows 8 and your app

Performance tips for Windows Store apps using DirectX and C++

Graphics with the Direct3D11.1 API made easy

Gaming reimagined: Gaming case studies

Developing, deploying, and monetizing Windows Store games with Unity


Visual Studio 2012

DirectX Graphics Development with Visual Studio 2012

Create Cross-platform Apps using Portable Class Libraries

The Future of C++


Windows phone 8

Windows Phone 8: Native C/C++ Game Development

Windows Phone 8: Performance & Optimization for Developers

How to Leverage your Code across WP8 and Windows 8


Xbox Live

Xbox Live on Windows 8 Deep Dive 

Building Cross-Device Xbox Games

Comments (5)

  1. Sap says:

    on the 3rd day of the //BUILD/ conference there was a C9 live session about Direct3D. there was a bit of a talk in that session about a new "start kit" from the directx team for c++/direct3d that would mimic a little bit of XNA and also include many helpers for direct3d development (like directxTK, but more complete i would assume, with thinks like model loading).

    did i understand this correctly? will such starter kit exist? and if so, when will it be released?


  2. I'll ask around as this is the first I've heard of it unless it's the .MESH file one from the VS team. FWIW Model/Mesh is on the DirectXTK "todo" list, and feel free to "vote it up" at…/basic The big challenge is the container format and the materials system implications, but we think we have a workable approach in hand.

  3. Phil Napieralski says:

    The "starter kit" that was being talked about was likely this one: . It comes stock with a Mesh loader (support for .cmo format, which you can compile from .fbx, .obj and .dae files) and abstracts away a lot of the DirectX setup you need to do among other things.

    There is also a sample game (hanoi3d) created using the Starter Kit –

  4. Ah, good. I already have the mesh file header but not the rest of the kit. That's one of the formats we are consdiering for a model/mesh class loader for DirectXTK (See…/647). Most of the rest of it looks lifted from the Windows Store app samples.

  5. Josh says:

    There's a video now on channel9 about the starter kit…/Visual-Studio-3D-StarterKit

    Would be cool to get some more coverage on the dxtk as well? Or maybe merge the two with some more support for shader/mesh loading and resource management in dxtk.

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