Game Developer Conference 2012

Slides and recorded audio for the Microsoft presentations at GDC 2012 are now available on Microsoft Download Center.


Microsoft Developer Day

Windows 8

Creating a Great Metro Style Game for Windows 8

Developing Metro Style Games on the Full Range of Windows 8 Devices

Xbox LIVE on Windows Deep Dive



Xbox LIVE Services - Entertainment Powered by the Cloud

Game Data Anywhere Using Xbox LIVE Cloud Storage

Asynchronous Gaming with Xbox LIVE

Xbox LIVE Web Games


Sponsered Sessions

Windows 8

Visual Studio 11 for Game Developers

Monetization Strategies for Windows 8 Games


Xbox LIVE Multiplayer Gaming on Windows 8 and Other Devices

Building Cross-Device Xbox LIVE Games


Innovative Solutions to Gesture Detection

"Xbox, Play" : Harnessing the Power of Speech

Kinect Human Tracking - Better, Stronger, Faster

Note: There were also some Direct3D 11 presentations from AMD and NVIDIA. The AMD talk on how to use the GPUView tool is a great place to get started with a very powerful, if difficult to use, analysis tool. There we a number of talks from Intel on Windows PCs as well.

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