Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview

The Beta is now available, so should be used instead of the older Developer Preview mentioned here.

The next version of Visual Studio is currently available for download as a Developer Preview. This release includes a new C++ compiler and Standard Library with additional C++11 support, an integrated PIX for Windows replacement called Visual Studio Graphics Diagnostics including HLSL debugging, the latest HLSL compiler, and a DDS image viewer (both legacy and 'DX10' extension variants).

Note: The VS 11 Developer Preview includes a preview version of the next Windows SDK integrated into the release which requires some build settings changes to compile DirectX SDK samples. See "Where is the DirectX SDK" for details.

Comments (4)

  1. jamome says:

    By "The next version" do you mean, the same CTP from Sept 2011 is still available for download?

  2. It is the Sept 2011 version which matches the toolset that is included in the Windows 8 Developer Preview (although the Windows 8 DP includes the Express edition and this download is the Ultimate edition). The key part of this post is the reference to the instructions on getting DirectX SDK samples to build with the VS 11 / Windows 8 SDK Developer Preview toolset and headers.

    The delay was unfortunate, but the MSDN page was only recently updated.

  3. Arseny Kapoulkine says:

    Is the "Visual Studio Graphics Diagnostics" tool available for managed applications? I could not use it, but may be you have to do something special with the project file to enable it. PIX works with managed apps without any issues.

  4. See <…/TOOL-761T> for details on the "Visual Studio Graphics Diagnostics" tool.

    BTW, I assume you mean 'managed 32-bit applications' since PIX for Windows has long had an incompatibilty with managed x64 applications due to the version of Detours it uses. Also, are you talking about a Direct3D 9 managed application?

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