Gamefest 2011 Presentations Posted

The presentations for the Gamefest 2011 conference are now available on Microsoft downloads. Here are the main talks of interest to Windows developers.

Note: As mentioned during the Gamefest conference keynote, content related to the next version of Windows is available from the //BUILD/ Windows conference.


How Valve Makes Games Better with XPerf (Windows Performance Toolkit) (US | Valve PDF Valve Code)

Scaling Your Game to N Cores: A Deep Dive on Tasking (US UK)


Modern Texture Content Pipelines (US UK Code)

Symbolic Differentiation in HLSL (US UK Examples)

Tiled Resources for Xbox 360 and Direct3D 11 (US UK Code)

Visual C++

Agile C++ Game Development with Visual Studio (US UK)

Making the Compiler Do the Work for You with Code Analysis (US UK)

Modern C++(0x) Programming with Visual Studio (US UK)

Taming GPU Compute with C++ AMP (US UK | MSDN)


Making the Most of XAudio2’s xAPO Framework (US UK)

Higher-Performance XAudio2 (UK)

Games for Windows – LIVE

Defense Against the Dark Arts of Piracy and Cheating with Games for Windows – LIVE (US UK)

Games for Windows - LIVE: Managing a "Simple Port" (UK)

Games for Windows - LIVE: Offering More Paths to Success (US)

Update: The '' URL is no longer valid. The content is still available on MS Downloads.

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  4. HWalkenshaw says:

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  5. Moogle says:

    I can't vist the website, can you tell me will this website open again or it close forever.

  6. The conference website is offline, but you can still use the direct links to the talks on MS Downloads.

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