Direct3D 11 Multithreading

 There's a lot of interest in the Multithreading features in Direct3D 11, especially since it can be used with existing Direct3D 10.x and 10level9 class hardware as well as new Direct3D 11 hardware. In addition to the Windows DirectX Graphics documentation, here are a number of resources for learning more about Direct3D 11 multithreading:

 Gamefest 2008 - Multithreaded Rendering for Games
MS Downloads

Game Developer Conference 2009 - Direct3D 11 Multithreaded Rendering and Compute
MS Downloads

Gamefest 2010 / GDC 2010 - DirectX Technology Update
MS Downloads

Direct3D Multithreaded Rendering Win32 Sample

Be sure to review the blog post on the known issue with UpdateSubresource.

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  1. hunting unlimitrd2011 says:

    can not play game some thing is keeping the game from opening.

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