How NASA Can Help Microsoft

On an internal blog at Microsoft, I came across a posting by a Corporate VP on some books he was going read while on vacation.  One of the books was a autobiography of one of my hero’s, Gene Kranz, who was Flight Director for several flights in Project Gemini and Apollo. Kranz lead his team…


Windows Speech Recognition Getting Some Respect

When our new speech recognition for Windows Vista was demonstrated at the Microsoft Financial Analyst Meeting this past August, it went disastrously (read about it at my personal blog, along with links to the video). As I said in that posting, I was angry at first because the high-profile failure didn’t need to happen (Larry…


Browse the Speech API 5.3 SDK Documentation Online

You can download the full Windows SDK from here, but if you just want to read the documentation for SAPI, you can do so from this link. To browse the Managed Speech API documentation, here are the links to the various namespaces: System.Speech.AudioFormatSystem.Speech.RecognitionSystem.Speech.Recognition.SrgsGrammarSystem.Speech.SynthesisSystem.Speech.Synthesis.TtsEngine


Microsoft Speech API SDK

The Speech API Software Developers Kit (SAPI SDK) contains the documentation, samples, and header and library files to create applications and utilities that use speech recognition and voice synthesis. In addition, the SAPI SDK can be used to create speech recognition and voice synthesis engines that can be used by other applications. Generally, the version…


Internet Explorer, Screen Readers and Keyboard Access

When I get around to posting a bio, you’ll find out that I have a background in making technology accessibility to people with disabilities.  I worked in this area for Windows 95 through Windows 2000 and Internet Explorer 2.0 through 4.01. With the recent release of IE7, there have been the usual questions about whether…


Steve Wozniak at Microsoft

One of the things I love about Microsoft is that you often get talk with, or listen to interesting people.  Over the years, I got to shake hands with Steven Spielberg (wearing a Microsoft Bob baseball cap), Jay Leno (Windows 95 launch), Stevie Wonder (accessibility event), and just the other week, former NFL player Mike…


InterSpeech 2006

[This posting originally appeared on my personal blog.  I’m copying all my speech related blogging to this new MSDN hosted blog.  I’ll be doing an introduction post soon.] I’m in Pittsburgh this week, attending the InterSpeech 2006 conference.  Actually, I shouldn’t say I’m attending it; I’m just staffing the Microsoft booth, giving demonstrations of Windows…