Experience Visual Studio’s WCF Tooling support in the next CTP!

Just a quick status update on the WCF side of things. We are currently finishing up some development work and then driving to stabilize our bits. We will make it into the next Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Visual Studio code named ‘Orcas’, due out ‘sometime’ in the future.

Can you nest WCF services in the same IIS app?

While working on the team’s Tier Services testbed, that is a collection of WCF services for testing purposes, when I ran into the following issue:[Directory Structure]\web.config\foobar.svc\App_Code\foobar.vb\SubFolder\web.config\SubFolder\foobar2.svc\SubFolder\App_Code\foobar2.vb Now foobar.svc would work fine, but foobar2.svc would give me the following error:The type ‘X’, provided as the Service attribute value in the ServiceHost directive could not be found….


WCF and Visual Studio – Together at last!

I’m pleased to announce that just now I was able to use the Visual Studio tools for WCF (AKA Windows Communication Foundation, AKA Indigo) to add a service reference to a WCF service in the same solution as my client. Of course you can do this using Visual Studio 2005 and the Indigo Beta2 CTP,…


Do you use Web References?

So the Visual Studio Indigo Tools team met today to discuss the UI for the Add Service Reference dialog.  This dialog is where you will add references to WFC services as well as standard, ASMX web services. A key question we all had was if we should drop the Internet Explorer control in favor of…