Shameless plug – Surface Computing

Today Microsoft publically announced a product which has been in the words for quite some time. I really expect this to change the way people compute long term.  


What’s next? One day C# too will be old and busted.

Soon the next release of Visual Studio will come out, and in it all sorts of new language innovations with LINQ. Just like .Net’s implementation of generics in v2.0 VB.Net, C#, and the whole .Net stack get more powerful and easier to use. But what’s next?  I picked up a copy of Beyond Java and…


Unleash the power of .NetHack!

In the beginning there was Rogue (, then Hack (, and then a networked-king-daddy-of-all-text-based-RPGs NetHack (  An idea I have had in the back of my mind for quite some time was to make a NetHack clone taking advantage of .Net; and I don’t mean just a managed version of NetHack – I mean using…


JavaScript OS

For one reason or another it would be awesome to write an Operating System in X, where X is some specific language or environment with some specific property.  I’m really excited about the work from Microsoft Research about an OS written entirely in managed code: But wouldn’t it be awesome if there were an…


Introducing pure ideas

As you might have noticed, despite my best efforts I just haven’t been able to keep my blog focused on WCF tooling.  Not because WCF isn’t going to have a huge impact on the next generation of apps, but because we just aren’t done yet. I could talk about hooking up WCF references for ASP…