MSBuild tasks for Lex and Yacc

While I am thrilled about all the new features we’ve put into the F# CTP, perhaps the thing I’m most excited about are the MSBuild tasks for Lex and Yacc. You heard that right. If you want to use fslex.exe of fsyacc.exe as part of your project, you can now integrate them into your project…


FSharpp to FSProj Converter

Wow, what a busy week!  The F# CTP is out the door, and it’s already making reverberations around the blogospphere:Don’s Announcement Units of Measure in F#: Part One, Introducing Units – HOTNESS Downloading stock prices in F# – Part I – Data modeling Welcome to the F# CTP project system: project templates F# Scripts –…


fsyacc Sample on Code Gallery

Today you might have noticed that Soma blogged about MSDN Code Gallery, which is a website devoted to aggregating source code, snippets, and samples. Since most of us are still learning F#, getting sample code out there is key and I’m glad MSDN Code Gallery is there to help out. I’ve also setup a Resource Page specifically…


fslex Sample

You may have heard of two tools that come with the current F# distribution, fslex and fsyacc. Both of those are based famous tools which are helpful in writing compilers.   In this post I’ll focus on creating a simple program which will take advantage of fslex, derived from Lex which stands for Lexical Analyser….