Authenticode signing Bootstrappers produced from Setup Projects

Mike Wade, VS2005 Bootstrapper author and all-around nice guy wrote a blog entry about authenticode signing Bootstrappers produced from Setup Projects.  It’s almost magical what you can do with MSBuild and a little time. I would encourage you to read his post over at Re-inventing the Wheel:


Bootstrapper SDK Released!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I am still in the process of handing off my Bootstrapper ‘stuff’ to the new owner, David Guyer.  David’s a great guy and you can see him trolling around the MSDN forums for ClickOnce and deployment projects at: The big news however, is that I have finally uploaded…


Silent switch for Bootstrapper

Question:Is there a ‘silent’ switch I can pass to the Bootstrapper (setup.exe) in order to bypass EULA dialogs and/or Authenticode trust warnings? Answer:No.  The Visual Studio 2005 Generic Bootstrapper does not support a silent flag.  In order to use the Visual Studio 2005 Generic Bootstrapper to deploy program prerequisites, the end user must accept the…


Single-file deployment for the Bootstrapper?

Question:When I deploy my Setup Project I need to redistribute two files (setup.exe and yourapp.msi).  Is it possible to merge those into a single file, such as BootstrapperAndApp.exe? Answer:No.  The Visual Studio 2005 Generic Bootstrapper does not have the ability to bake in the ‘caboose’ or final application into setup.exe, so for now you will…


Where are the Bootstrapper packages installed?

QuestionHow can I programatically determine where the Bootstrapper packages are located?    Answer If you would like to know how to programatically locate the Bootstrapper package location (if you were developing an installer for your custom package for example).  Check the following registry key: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\.NetFramework\sdkInstallRootv2.0 Then append the string: “Bootstrapper\Packages\”


Can the Bootstrapper do complex logic for install conditions?

QuestionCan the Bootstrapper do complex logic on the install conditions?  Such as FailIf (X = true AND Y = false) AnswerNo.  The Bootstrapper only executes a single install condition at a time.  If you need more complicated logic then you will need to expand it out into multiple Command statements and use BypassIfs.  For example,…


Changing package deployment method post build

QuestionIs there a way I can change the Bootstrapper after setup.exe has been built? AnswerYes, you can.  Although you can’t change the packages or logic of the Bootstrapper you can change the way packages are deployed. You can use the command line to either turn HomeSite on/off or set the Components and Prerequisites URLs.  For…


Deploying the .NET Framework version 1.1

QuestionCan I use the Visual Studio 2005 Bootstrapper to deploy the .NET Frameworks 1.1?  Do I need to purchase Visual Studio 2005 to do so? AnswerYes, there are two options for creating a Bootstrapper for the .NET Framework v1.1.  The first is to download a Bootstrapper manifest for the Visual Studio 2005 Bootstrapper.  Additional manifest…


Using the Bootstrapper to launch an EXE

QuestionIs there any way I can have my Bootstrapper launch an EXE or file other than my .application / .msi? AnswerUnfortunately the only way to have a Bootstrapper launch an EXE file is to use MSBuild to create setup.exe from the command line. This isn’t too difficult, but you will need to hand-author an MSBuild…