Authenticode signing Bootstrappers produced from Setup Projects

Mike Wade, VS2005 Bootstrapper author and all-around nice guy wrote a blog entry about authenticode signing Bootstrappers produced from Setup Projects.  It’s almost magical what you can do with MSBuild and a little time. I would encourage you to read his post over at Re-inventing the Wheel:


Bootstrapper SDK Released!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I am still in the process of handing off my Bootstrapper ‘stuff’ to the new owner, David Guyer.  David’s a great guy and you can see him trolling around the MSDN forums for ClickOnce and deployment projects at: The big news however, is that I have finally uploaded…


Package not appearing on Prerequisites dialog?

I was helping someone create a custom Bootstrapper package last week and after copying their package files into the Bootstrapper\Packages folder, it did not appear on the prerequisites dialog.  I told them it would probably be one of two things:   Product.xml or Package.xml file is invalid If the XML doesn’t match the Bootstrapper schema,…



I have had a lot of questions from Bootstrapper users about how to check if the .Net Framework is installed on the target system or not.  Although we are discussing adding a new InstallCondition into the Bootstrapper for Orcas, the way to check using Visual Studio 2005 is to use the application dotnetchk.exe. Dotnetchk.exe (a…


Bootstrapper SDK

So now that the Visual Studio 2005 Generic Bootstrapper is ‘out in the wild’, I am spending a lot of time helping internal and external customers in creating custom Bootstrapper packages which is great! In order to help people develop packages, I am going to create a Custom Bootstrapper Package SDK.  It will contain tools, examples,…


Programatically determining where the Bootstrapper packages are

If you would like to know how to programatically locate the Bootstrapper package location (if you were developing an installer for your custom package for example).  Check the following registry key: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\.NetFramework\sdkInstallRootv2.0 Then append the string: “Bootstrapper\Packages\”  


Post vacation update

I have updated the Bootstrapper FAQ:


Updated Bootstrapper FAQ

Busy, busy, busy time here in Building 41.   The shipping cadence of Visual Studio 2005 beat louder every second!  In the mean time however, I have updated the Bootstrapper FAQ.


Using the Bootstrapper to deploy a Windows Installer Package

Do you have a Windows Installer package (MSI) that you use to deploy program prerequisites?  Would you like to use the Visual Studio 2005 Generic Bootstrapper to deploy it with your ClickOnce or Setup Projects?    Here is how:Using_the_Bootstrapper_to_wrap_a_Windows_Installer_package


Generic MSI package on GotDotNet

I finished uploading a Bootstrapper package to wrap an MSI.  I’ll be finishing up a tutorial explaining the Bootstrapper package creation process here in a few days.  Until then, you can get the files here.