DAWG-fight, Optimizing text search in F# II

Some of you may have seen Dr. Brian McNamara’s post refuting my credentials as an evil genius. Lies! All lies propagated by the liberal media! Evidently, he thinks that his superior implementation of a trie, which is faster and uses much less memory, is better than mine. If being an evil genius means having smaller,…


F# CTP Update!

Hot on the heels of the Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate comes the February, 2010 F# CTP. There haven’t been too many changes since the last release, mostly bug fixes and getting the libraries in a consistent state. You can find more information on Don’s blog.

Trie-ing to optimize text search in F#

Any evil genius knows that if you want to stay on top you need to exercise your mind. Most evil geniuses stay strong by lifting weights with their telekinetic abilities, however I prefer video games. PopCap.com’s Bookworm is one mental exercise I am particularly fond of. Bookworm is simple. You have  7×7 hexagonal grid of…