F# Community Roundup

There’s plenty going on in the F# community these days, I figured I’d provide a shameless plug for few blog posts or videos I especially liked.

Toronto F# Study Group

If you live in Soviet Canuckistan and are in the Toronto area, Justin Lee is hosting an F# Study Group at the Dark Horse Cafe in Spadina on Thursday, May 7th.

IL analysis using F#

Ian Voyce looks (briefly) at some minimal F# code for picking apart the IL of a managed assembly. This is certainly something that I’d love to see more of in the future.

To learn a bit more about IL, a great resource is Haibo Luo’s (now defunct) blog.

Jason Olson, the Tom Cruise of F#?

Jason Olson F# lover and all around nice guy has been busy the past few weeks:

Imperative Computation in F#

Thomas Petricek has a great blog post up showing how you can create imperative constructs for F# code when using computation expressions. In short, you can add support for break and continue within while loops (just like C#).

// Counts '1, 3, 5, 7, 9'
imperative { 
    for x in 1 .. 10 do 
        if x % 2 = 0 then 
            do! continue // <---
        printfn "number = %d" x 
// Counts '1, 2, 3' and then stops   
imperative { 
    for x in 1 .. 10 do

      if x >= 4 then 
        do! break // <---

      printfn "number = %d" !x

If you’d like to keep a better pulse on what the blogosphere has to say about F#, checkout the Planet F# RSS feed.

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