New Years resolutions v2.0.0.9

So I was tagged by my new homie Sarah Dutkiewicz AKA Coding Geekette about blogging my goals for 2009. I was on the fence at first about whether or not to share such private information with the world. But after seeing Jay Wren admit to being a “Law and Order addict”, I couldn’t embarrass myself too much.

First let me provide a disclaimer. These goals certainly make me sound like some sort of ultra-driven alpha-male type person. But rest assured that I’m just as lazy and apathetic about life as you are, it just happens that 2009 will be a busy year.


Graduate with my Masters degree

I have been taking classes at the University of Washington Professional Masters Program for about two years now and hopefully I will graduate this spring. Getting my Computer Science Masters degree is very important for backing up my reputation as a true CS Gangsta.

Alma matter version 2.0

Of course it will be hard to divide my time between ‘actual class’ and just watching the lectures for Structure and Interpertation of Computer Programs by Hal Abelson and Gerald Sussman. Who doesn’t want to learn Lisp?


Finish writing Programming F#

Programming F# is coming along, but not without its tribulations. I’m trying to convince John Osborn that my book should, in fact, have a Squigg on the cover.

Buy my book!

I’m going to try to get the first few chapters on O’Reilly’s Rough Cuts site by the end of the month. So stay tuned!


Ship F# in Visual Studio 2010

Kick ass and take names at work

Working as a tester at Microsoft has a few perks. Not only do I get free soda but I actually get paid to complain and criticize our software. (It is so much fun people do that already for free!) Anyways, it is my personal mission to see F# ship in Visual Studio 2010 and be the most awesome feature in the box. So in 2009 my goal is to do just that.


Drop the dead weight

Who doesn’t have ‘lose some weight’ as part of their New Year’s resolutions? To mix things up, rather than simply going to the gym, I’m going to see how much weight I lose by quitting Taco Bell cold turkey. New rule, no more delicious nacho cheese chalupas with chicken for a whole year. Can I do it? Only time will tell…

Me running a 10K

And my last, and perhaps most important, goal is:

Enjoy 2009 more than 2008

Truth be told 2008 had a lot of drama-lama-ding-dong for me and I’m looking to being drama-free for 2009. Go skiing more, spend more time with friends and family. I want to cultivate and encourage that which is awesome. If you have any suggestions let me know.


In the spirit of transforming blogging into modern chain letters, I’ll tag:

· ’Dr.’ Brian McNamara

· Kirill ‘C# genius’ Osenkov

· Dustin ‘kind of a big deal’ Campbell*

*Despite the nickname, Dustin is not actually a big deal. Maybe if he blogged more often…

Comments (4)

  1. Corey Haines says:

    Watch the sicp videos! You’ll learn more than you will in any CS program, plus they a) are free, b) have an awesome title screen, c) have an awesome theme song, d) have awesome instructors and e) sweet 80’s fashion!

  2. ChrSmith says:

    Ah yes, but Abelson and Sussman can’t keep me from graduating while Dr. Grossman can 🙂

  3. Jay R. Wren says:


    1.  Its true about the M.S.

    Ilavarsan, V., Wren, J., and Singh, G., "Functional inference properties of protein N-grams," Vol. BLC 2003 Proceedings, Biological Language Conference, University of Pittsburgh, 2003, pp. 162-172.

    Yeah, that is me… published.

    2.  Dustin is not "kinda a big deal." Anyone with that many comic books will never be a big deal.

    Yeah, that is me… harsh!

  4. Well, I’ve been tagged in a chain-letter-blogging game again. This time, Chris "I-like-to-put-ugly-monsters-on-the-frontcovers-of-my-books-to-at-least-partially-distract-readers-from-great-content"

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