PDC – Day 1

I'm writing this from the 'big room' in the LA Convention Center.If you don't know, PDC is a HUGE conference Microsoft holds to introduce cutting edge technology and show developers the roadmap for Microsoft's platforms. What that means for me, is that I've been talking about F# non-stop to anybody who will listen.

Random Notes:

  • Azure is some cool stuff. Previously you'd write some code and make cool apps, but if you wanted that to scale you'd have to rewrite everything from the ground up. If you plug into the Azure model, you write your app once and it can grow indefinitely. Bla bla bla future of computer bla bla bla the cloud.
  • I am trying to convince Alan Stevens to blog about F#. I was successful in blowing his mind with function composition.
  • I told the .NET Rocks guys that I was a "Long time, First Time". I don't think they got the joke.
  • I totally shook hands with Scott. Freaking. Hanselman.
  • The traffic in LA is really as bad as they say.
  • I also joined Twitter (aChrisSmith), which welcomed me with the following:


Anyways, if you're at PDC look for me - and don't miss out on Luca's F# talk on Thursday.

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