Countdown to F# CTP

In case you didn’t see it over on Brian’s blog, he’s posted a sneak peak at the F# Project System: Part I Part II.

If you’ve used the Visual Studio integrate for our previous releases you might have noticed it was a tad ‘unsavory’. Well the images of the current bits speak for themselves.

And that’s just the tip of the ice berg. The CTP will feature:

  • A substantial improvement / cleanup of the F# libraries
  • An exciting new language feature previously unannounced…
  • MSBuild support
  • Intellisense improvements
  • And more

Hopefully you’re just as excited to get your hands on the new bits as we are to put them online.

Edit: Evidently I need to spend more time proof reading 😛

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  1. Jon Harrop says:

    An exiting new language feature? 😉

  2. Very keen on the CTP… Any clues on the new language feature?!

  3. wil2200 says:

    This is freaking AWESOME! The nerd in me is overly excited over this

  4. Piet says:

    I like to count down. Where do I start.

  5. I really can’t wait. I have mixed feelings about how sad that makes me though.

  6. Mirrorer says:

    What ’bout Compact framework support from the box? Color schemes for fsyacc and fslex files?

  7. ChrSmith says:

    Glad to hear everybody’s looking forward to it. As for the questions:

    * Hint at the new language feature: it is something that will help you prevent bugs in your code. And depending on the problem domain you work in, it will help you prevent a lot of bugs in your code.

    * F# on the Compact Framework out of the box. For CTP this isn’t something we’ve had time to look into, so I suspect you’ll need to manually hack a few things. As for down the line, maybe. I don’t know if we will provide good tooling support, but (as far as I know) there is nothing preventing us from unblocking this. It’s too soon to tell right now.

    * Syntax highlighting for FSYacc and FSLex. For CTP we won’t have that, and it is unlikely we’ll get to that for a while. That would be a great issue to mention on Microsoft’s Connect website to see if it is a pain point with other people as well.



    * Syntax highlighting for FSYacc and FSLex files.

  8. Nick says:

    Will the fsproj files released with the CTP provide a FileCodeModel for F# source?  If not is there any plan on providing that in future releases?

  9. ChrSmith says:

    Our CTP release will not provide a FileCodeModel for F# source, and we do not have plans for adding one with the next release of Visual Studio.

    It is something we would like to do, but we won’t have time for this release.

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