Joining the F# team

Now that Visual Studio 2008 is out the door it is time to celebrate and think about 'the next big thing'. As you can tell from some previous posts, F# has caught my eye.

I'm please to announce that starting Monday I'll be joining the F# team as (currently) the only full-time tester. I'm super-excited about this for many reasons, but the biggest is knowing what an impact I'll have. Without a doubt F# will change the .Net landscape by reaching out to a new breed developer and enabling new scenarios. As we evolve the language into a v1.0 form and build out the first set of core libraries I think people will be pleasantly surprised by the power and elegance of F#.

Another reason why I'm so excited to be joining the F# team is that I'll be working with an stellar group of people. Evidently having an MSDN blog is a team requirement...

So in the coming weeks and months I'll be blogging about some of the unique testing challenges of a functional language compiler as well as continue showing how to write toy apps in F#. Until then, have a great day and feel free to log any bugs against the latest F# CTP. If the quality is anything less than amazing, now you have someone to complain to 😉

Comments (2)

  1. Alexey Romanov says:

    "As we evolve the language into a v1.0 form"

    Given that the current version is 1.9.2, does this mean a big rollback? 🙂

  2. Brian Baker says:

    Congratulations!  Didn’t realize you were switching.

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