Can you nest WCF services in the same IIS app?

While working on the team’s Tier Services testbed, that is a collection of WCF services for testing purposes, when I ran into the following issue:[Directory Structure]\web.config\foobar.svc\App_Code\foobar.vb\SubFolder\web.config\SubFolder\foobar2.svc\SubFolder\App_Code\foobar2.vb Now foobar.svc would work fine, but foobar2.svc would give me the following error:The type ‘X’, provided as the Service attribute value in the ServiceHost directive could not be found….


Directory crawling in VB.NET

So the Indigo Tools QA team has a large set of ‘tier services’ for adding all sorts of crazy WCF services.  Today I wrote a tool to scan the directory structure of our tier service machine and generate a strongly-typed object representing each service.  I figured the code would be useful so I have posted it…


Back to the front lines!

So the past month I’ve been pretty busy.  The Indigo team has started a new Sprint and I have had the fortune of going on vacation.  I’ve done a lot of thinking about blog topics and things I would like to share with you, so hopefully August will be an interesting month for you.  But…


WCF and Visual Studio – Together at last!

I’m pleased to announce that just now I was able to use the Visual Studio tools for WCF (AKA Windows Communication Foundation, AKA Indigo) to add a service reference to a WCF service in the same solution as my client. Of course you can do this using Visual Studio 2005 and the Indigo Beta2 CTP,…


Do you use Web References?

So the Visual Studio Indigo Tools team met today to discuss the UI for the Add Service Reference dialog.  This dialog is where you will add references to WFC services as well as standard, ASMX web services. A key question we all had was if we should drop the Internet Explorer control in favor of…


How do I become a VP in five years and retire in 10?

Today was day two of the Microsoft Engineering Excellence and Trustworthy Computing Forum, which is a rather verbose way of saying an all-day conference for Microsoft employees to discuss changes in the field. I went to two sessions today, Communicating for Success and Why don’t more Vice Presidents come from Test?  Both talks were interesting, but…


Why I love the blog software here

So a while ago I was using Visual Studio Team Foundation Server to Unit Test my computer-Go bot, codenamed Gozilla.  (Yeah, I know the name is already taken 🙁 )  To test out the ‘SGF file’ loading capabilities, I embedded the test files into the Unit Test assembly itself, and extracted it at test-time.  That…


LINQ CTP release

I’ll give a random shout-out to the folks working on LINQ, DLinq, XLinq, and even the really-awesome yet-to-be-announced-Linq product as well.  You can check out the latest CTP at: Who knows, maybe we can have a WCF-Linq? Dim service As IndigoWebService Where Service.Endpoint Matches “Function X(ByVal param As Integer) As Guid” And Service.Endpoint.Binding.Type = WsHttpBasicProfile…


And so it begins – any suggestions on where to start?

The Visual Studio Professional Indigo Tools team has officially started our epic journey into the Orcas product cycle!  Woot.  What makes this team and product cycle so exciting though is that we (the Indigo team) are mixing things up and trying this ‘crazy new agile jazz’ (  More specifically we are using Scrum with UserStories. …