Do you use Web References?

So the Visual Studio Indigo Tools team met today to discuss the UI for the Add Service Reference dialog.  This dialog is where you will add references to WFC services as well as standard, ASMX web services.

A key question we all had was if we should drop the Internet Explorer control in favor of a cleaner UI experience. On one hand you lose the 'navigation' to your WSDL or Disco file, but on the other hand it seems kind of clunky.

So I ask you, faithful blog readers - Do you use Web References?  And if so, what is your take on the IE control in the Web Reference dialog?  Is it a 'must keep' or is it something you can live without?


Comments (6)

  1. Adding Web References are great for demo purposes but not for real life apps where you would live to have a more granular control. Imho this I something I can live without

  2. Hatim says:

    The user can always navigate to the WSDL or Disco file from a regular explorer window. I remember the first time I used it I was trying to figure out where I had to go next.

    So I am voting for "live without" 🙂

  3. Jonathan says:

    I think it is reassuring to see that you’ve used the correct WSDL.

    I vote to keep it.


  4. Michael says:

    Err… having the ability to browse for disco files IS important. And validating the WSDL is quite interesting too.

    Now having this big webbrowser control in the window is rather ugly… Maybe it will be better if you provide a simpler UI, with perhaps an "class explorer" like control to show the content of the WSDL and a button to browse for disco files or UDDI repository (by the way, is anyone using this feature ?)

  5. k says:

    i say loose it.  has anyone tried using it in conjuntion with SourceSafe?  update a webreference and VSS totally trollies the whole thing.  all your history gets lost.

    not very smart, do the right thing and drop it for good.

  6. Chris Smith is asking if we should keep or ditch the Add Web Reference dialog in Visual Studio.


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