Web OSs part 2

While visiting family in Texas I found this gem posted on slashdot 10 Web Operating Systems Reviewed. [*Disclaimer] My soon-to-be father in-law asked me what I thought the future of computing would look like. Quantum computers? Holographic storage? HAL 9000? Sure those things could happen, but the only thing I would be willing to bet money…


What’s next? One day C# too will be old and busted.

Soon the next release of Visual Studio will come out, and in it all sorts of new language innovations with LINQ. Just like .Net’s implementation of generics in v2.0 VB.Net, C#, and the whole .Net stack get more powerful and easier to use. But what’s next?  I picked up a copy of Beyond Java and…


Experience Visual Studio’s WCF Tooling support in the next CTP!

Just a quick status update on the WCF side of things. We are currently finishing up some development work and then driving to stabilize our bits. We will make it into the next Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Visual Studio code named ‘Orcas’, due out ‘sometime’ in the future.


Interactions between objects – Attributes and Interfaces

One of the greatest features of NetHack was the ability to achieve a rich interaction between objects.  ·         What happens if you use a candle on a scroll?  It should start on fire.  ·         What if you throw a potion on the ground?  The potion shatters. ·         What if you dip a flaming long sword…


Unleash the power of .NetHack!

In the beginning there was Rogue (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rogue_(computer_game)), then Hack (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hack_(computer_game)), and then a networked-king-daddy-of-all-text-based-RPGs NetHack (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NetHack).  An idea I have had in the back of my mind for quite some time was to make a NetHack clone taking advantage of .Net; and I don’t mean just a managed version of NetHack – I mean using…


Authenticode signing Bootstrappers produced from Setup Projects

Mike Wade, VS2005 Bootstrapper author and all-around nice guy wrote a blog entry about authenticode signing Bootstrappers produced from Setup Projects.  It’s almost magical what you can do with MSBuild and a little time. I would encourage you to read his post over at Re-inventing the Wheel:http://blogs.msdn.com/mwade/archive/2006/10/03/A-PostBuild-Step-that-Does-Something.aspx


JavaScript OS

For one reason or another it would be awesome to write an Operating System in X, where X is some specific language or environment with some specific property.  I’m really excited about the work from Microsoft Research about an OS written entirely in managed code: https://channel9.msdn.com/Showpost.aspx?postid=227259 But wouldn’t it be awesome if there were an…


Introducing pure ideas

As you might have noticed, despite my best efforts I just haven’t been able to keep my blog focused on WCF tooling.  Not because WCF isn’t going to have a huge impact on the next generation of apps, but because we just aren’t done yet. I could talk about hooking up WCF references for ASP…


Who listens to the blogosphere?

Who listens to the blogosphere? The question sounds simple enough, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to arrive at a conclusion.  People talk about ‘Web 2.0’ and ‘The rise of the bloggers’ quite often, but seriously – who cares?  And to be clear, I don’t mean to discount the value of blogs but I do…


Finding Great Developers

I’ve been using the new RSS capabilities in Outlook 12 to monitor some great blogs out there.  Today’s ‘Joel on Software’ was particularly insightful. Check it out at:http://www.joelonsoftware.com/articles/FindingGreatDevelopers.html Reading the article I couldn’t help but think of my own background.  How I got my first ‘industry’ job, how my friends in college got theirs.  Microsoft…