LINQ project reactions

Paul Vick, VB technical lead, gave a talk today about some of the new language features for VB .NET 9.0.  I would describe the experience as jaw dropping.  XML, Data, SQL just working together seamlessly.  Wow. As the LINQ project solidifies I’ll let you know.  Until then let me give Paul’s blog a shameless plug 


Post vacation update

I have updated the Bootstrapper FAQ:


Can the Bootstrapper do complex logic for install conditions?

QuestionCan the Bootstrapper do complex logic on the install conditions?  Such as FailIf (X = true AND Y = false) AnswerNo.  The Bootstrapper only executes a single install condition at a time.  If you need more complicated logic then you will need to expand it out into multiple Command statements and use BypassIfs.  For example,…


VS Tricks: How to load test files from within a Unit Test

It is a little-known secret that I moonlight as a computer-Go programmer.  (What is the game of ‘Go’ you ask?)  Anyways, I am writing my Go-bot using Visual Studio Team System to take advantage of all the great Unit Testing tools it offers.  What I would like to share here is a trick that I use…


Orcas, The Bootstrapper, and Beyond

Well we shipped Visual Studio 2005, I took a little breather, and now I am back in my office thinking “what’s next”.  As much as us here at Microsoft wish we could just go back to working on the next version and making it even better, we are stuck in a waiting game.  What’s next? …