Updated Bootstrapper FAQ

Busy, busy, busy time here in Building 41.   The shipping cadence of Visual Studio 2005 beat louder every second!  In the mean time however, I have updated the Bootstrapper FAQ.

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  1. Stephane Rodriguez says:

    I have noticed the dotnet fx 2.0 redist when installing uses the bootstrapping to preinstall its prerequites. Fine. Unfortunately one of these is the Windows Installer 3.0 which, when clicked, leads to a WGA walled web page from the Microsoft download center.

    As a .NET 2.0 developer, there is no way I am deploying .NET 2.0 apps on client machines anytime soon with such obstacles. I am talking about WGA. I am certainly not going to inflinge my users this.

    Those obstacles clearly make things harder to deploy, not simpler. I am sure the bootstrapper team could do nothing about that, but what matters is the overall user experience. I am not going to write lengthy support documentation about going through all of this either.

    Better stick to older .NET 1.x run-time versions.

    Or better yet, forget about deploying .NET apps altogether.

    What’s your thoughts?

    (also sent to Aaron Stebner)

  2. ChrSmith says:

    I am not quit sure why you got that behaivor, the Bootstrapper should never launch another webpage on its own. It will go to Microsoft download center and download Windows Installer 3.0, but it won’t need you to authenticate with WGA.

    However, if you did want to deploy Bootstrapper packages to end users who don’t want to fuss with WGA or who are on a protected network let’s say, you can still use the Bootstrapper.

    The correct solution is to change the package deployment method to "Same Site", opposed to "Home Site". Your packages will be uploaded along with setup.exe so that at runtime clients will get the redistributable components from your publish location and not Microsoft.

  3. Stephane Rodriguez says:

    In the mean time, Aaron answered that the redist does not use the bootstrapper at all.

    The redist I am talking about is that one : http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=7ABD8C8F-287E-4C7E-9A4A-A4ECFF40FC8E&displaylang=en

    Well all am I saying is that the install halted at some point, popped up a message box with a link and a OK/Cancel alternative. This link points to the MS download url for Windows Installer 3.0 which, unfortunately is behind WGA.

    So whatever the redist installer relies on, whenever the user has not a rather recent Windows Installer version on his box, it will have to go through the steps.

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