Changing package deployment method post build

QuestionIs there a way I can change the Bootstrapper after setup.exe has been built? AnswerYes, you can.  Although you can’t change the packages or logic of the Bootstrapper you can change the way packages are deployed. You can use the command line to either turn HomeSite on/off or set the Components and Prerequisites URLs.  For…


Updated Bootstrapper FAQ

Busy, busy, busy time here in Building 41.   The shipping cadence of Visual Studio 2005 beat louder every second!  In the mean time however, I have updated the Bootstrapper FAQ.


Using the Bootstrapper to deploy a Windows Installer Package

Do you have a Windows Installer package (MSI) that you use to deploy program prerequisites?  Would you like to use the Visual Studio 2005 Generic Bootstrapper to deploy it with your ClickOnce or Setup Projects?    Here is how:Using_the_Bootstrapper_to_wrap_a_Windows_Installer_package


Using the Bootstrapper to wrap a Windows Installer package

This article is to serve as a tutorial for converting a standard Windows Installer package (*.MSI) into a Visual Studio 2005 Generic Bootstrapper package. Doing so will allow you to wrap a program prerequisite in a Bootstrapper package, to allow its deployment alongside any ClickOnce deployment or Setup Project. First Step: Directory Structure & File…