Testing Insight: App Building

So for the next two weeks the VB.NET QA team is working hard on testing the product and finding those last few ship stopping bugs.  How?  By using the product, of course. 

Today we begin an app building process.  We assemble into teams and work on a project for two weeks.  The projects could be anything from an internal tool, to a home side-project, to just experimenting with new design patterns.  We enumerated the list of key features we want to hit and made sure that we had good coverage of all the risk items.

My team's project is to work on a tool I have been cooking on the backburner.  In short it is an automated system for creating Microsoft Virtual Server virtual hard drives for testing.  You say, "I want a Windows XP machine with Build X of Visual Studio on it" and two hours later it is done auto-magically.

If I have time I'll try to post status updates and insights.

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  1. Angus Logan says:


    I just completed something similar (not the same but close) to this with Microsoft Australia. Ping me an email (angus_logan@data3.com.au) and could see if we can share the solution/code to you.

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