X-Box 360 Talk

So I attended a Microsoft internal presentation on the X-Box 360.  My only complaint was that they didn’t include a bib to stop me from drooling all over myself.   In a word: WOW.

Unfortunately, the features discussed haven’t been unveiled yet so I can’t specifically mention them.  However, I will say this: if you thought the specs looked good when the 360 was first unveiled during E3, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Rich.  Integrated.  High-fidelity.  Experiences.  I honestly can not wait.

Comments (2)

  1. Seth says:

    Hey Chris, it’s Seth (aka your shadow from 1-4 yesterday). Just wanted to say I stumbled across your blog when searching Google for "bootstrapper". You should be glad to know that your blog is Google’s number 5 result for "bootstrapper". I, for one, am impressed. Keep up the good work.


    p.s.-The XBox 360 does sound like it’s gonna be pretty cool!

  2. tazkenwood says:

    i was going to sell my x-boxs with all the games and x-box live and dvd setup, can you tell me if you can use all these items on the x-box 360….And when is it coming out?

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