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A few weeks back Mike Sampson and I created a video demonstrating the awesome power that is the Visual Studio 2005 Generic Bootstrapper.

Watch it here:

Comments (4)

  1. Stephane Rodriguez says:

    That’s a great demo. I liked it a lot, and a hell lot of fun/laughs. 😉

  2. Joku says:

    Looks great. I have one question though.

    Suppose I have like 10 mirrors for the files that the setup might want to download. Can I just enter all the mirror urls in the VS and when the user runs the bootstrap it will try connect another mirror incase one is down. Also it would be cool that the user could select from the mirrors incase the default is very slow or have the app quickly test 2-3 mirrors for which gives the best speed.

    And how easy its to have another protocol? So if the files are in FTP or on bit-torrent etc, it’d be cool to have the same setup process but just implement an interface to do the plumbing from ftp etc instead of writing the whole setup process from scratch.

  3. ChrSmith says:

    To answer Joku’s question- no. The Bootstrapper can only have one link to download package files from. (Be it a single components URL for all packages, or a HomeSite URL for every individual package file.)

    As for using different protocols, I don’t think the Bootstrapper will understand .torrent files. But I do know for a fact that we support FTP (I tested and verified this just the other day).

    I’ll pass on your feedback to our program manager so that we can accommodate your requests for the next version.



  4. Andreas Håkansson says:


    I just got around to watching the demo – ok to be honest I have six minutes left, but a question sprung to mind and I looked up your blog. I hope my question isn’t answered in the remaining six minutes, which I’ll be watching after this post 😛

    My question is "How about localization?" what kind of support does the generic bootstrapper offer? The thing that made me wonder was when you said (in the demo), that if a prerequisit fails you have the ability to provide a custom string which is diplayed to the user..

    Anychance of localazing stuff like that (and other stuff concerning the bootstrapper) ?

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