Bootstrapper Resource Strings to be SimShipped

I have the great pleasure of announcing that the Bootstrapper will be SimShipping its resource strings.  Previously the language of the Bootstrapper is determined by the language of your Visual Studio install.  So even if you localized the UI of your Windows Forms app to, say, Japanese, when you ClickOnce deployed your app the Bootstrapper (setup.exe) would still be in English.

Not anymore though!  Now we will include the localized resource strings for all eight shipping Visual Studio languages with every install.  Meaning if you localized your application to Russian then setup.exe will be in Russian as well.

The only downside to this is that we will not be SimShipping the package manifests.  So only the only localized package strings (error codes and display name) available will be for the languages of Visual Studio you have installed.  (So setup.exe will be in Russian, but the package name of the .NET FX would be in English.  If you installed Russian Visual Studio however, then the package name would be in Russian.)

This should do a lot for helping in cross-language deployment scenarios.  Until next time, deploy-on!


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