ZBB duties call

So many good ideas so little time 🙁  So the final results of that class I went to were amazing.  I am currently brainstorming how we can integrate EVERY idea into our development process.  (Which, I might add wouldn’t be possible with the best Office app ever: OneNote.)

Anyways, I have had to put those plans on the backburner because of ‘real’ work. 

Currently we are approaching our Whidbey ZBB date, or zero bug bounce.  This means that we will have fixed every single bug in the Whidbey as of a certain date.  0 active bugs!  This is always a great accomplishment, but the hardest part is yet to come.

With our devs working crazy to fix bugs our resolved bug count skyrockets.  For every single resolved but we need to: 1.) verify it was fixed 2.) create a regression test if necessary and 3.) ad hock around the area to make sure nothing new was introduced.

Once regression bugs are found and logged our active bug count ‘bounces’ up and we try to ZBB again in the future.

So expect more TDD-related posts in the future, but until then I am closing bugs in a hardcore fashion.

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