Programmatically add or modify a FlatFile-Source component



In the first article of this series I painted the high level picture and provided an overview of the package generation framework. In this and the following articles I want to show how to programmatically generate or modify specific SSIS components.

FlatFile Source Component

The first step is to find the connection manager component to modify or to add a new connection manager to the package.

All package connection managers can be found in the Connections collection of the Microsoft.SqlServer.Dts.Runtime.Package class.

So the first thing to do is to find the Connection Manager you want to edit.

foreach (ConnectionManager connectionManager in _Package.Connections)


                if (connectionManager.Name.Equals("SourceFlatFileCM"))


In the case that you want to add a Connection Manager programmatically versus editing an existing one you can use the following code.

ConnectionManager conManager = _Package.Connections.Add("FLATFILE");
IDTSConnectionManagerFlatFile100 connectionFlatFile = (IDTSConnectionManagerFlatFile100)conManager.InnerObject;

A list with all the viable parameters for the Add procedure can be found on this page:

Setting the necessary configurations on the Connection Manager is the next step. There are some generally valid properties and a lot of Connection Manager specific properties. The general properties are members of Connection Manger class whilst the specific properties can be set by acquiring an actual instance of the specific Connection Manager object (oleDbConnectionManager in the above example).

In my simple example I set some hardcoded properties just do demonstrate the use of the Connection Manager.

connectionManager.Name = "SourceFlatFileCM";

connectionManager.ConnectionString = "C:\Data\TestData.CSV";


             IDTSConnectionManagerFlatFile100 connectionFlatFile

         = (IDTSConnectionManagerFlatFile100)connectionManager.InnerObject;

             connectionFlatFile.RowDelimiter = "\n";

       connectionFlatFile.Format = "Delimited";

connectionFlatFile.ColumnNamesInFirstDataRow = true;

       connectionFlatFile.LocaleID = 1033;

       connectionFlatFile.CodePage = 1252;

       connectionFlatFile.RowDelimiter = "\n";

The next step is just needed if you are modifying an existing package and you want set up the column definition from scratch.

// remove existing columns

      foreach (IDTSConnectionManagerFlatFileColumn100 column in connectionFlatFile.Columns)




The final step is to add the column definitions to the Connection Managers Columns collection.

The demo code shows how to add a FlatFileColumn to the collection.

IDTSConnectionManagerFlatFileColumn100 flatFileColumn

= (IDTSConnectionManagerFlatFileColumn100)connectionFlatFile.Columns.Add();

flatFileColumn.ColumnType = "Delimited";

flatFileColumn.ColumnWidth = 0;

flatFileColumn.MaximumWidth = 100;

flatFileColumn.DataPrecision = 0;

flatFileColumn.DataScale = 0;

flatFileColumn.TextQualified = false;

IDTSName100 columnName = (IDTSName100) flatFileColumn;
columnName.Name =

flatFileColumn.ColumnDelimiter = "\n"; // for the last column in the row

In a real world example the above step will be done in a loop to add all the desired columns. An important point is to remember to set the ColumnDelimiter property of the last column of the row to the row delimiter.

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