C++ Myths and Reality

The world is built on C++: Windows and its 3400 dlls, Explorer app, MS Paint, your browsers (Chrome, Edge, IE, Firefox), your multimedia player, Office suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc), Notepad++, SysInternals Suite Tools, etc. Here is a picture I wrote about C++ myths and reality ; it’s funny. Everybody can catch something.


The technologies I use on the field – C/C++ Missions

When I have to handle a customer with native applications, the context is completely different from managed .NET missions. First, a C/C++ compiler of 10 years ago still works. So what ? You can work with older version of Visual Studio or, I have one customer like, with Visual C++ 6.0 because it was a…


The technologies I use on the field – .NET Missions

On the field, customers have a lot of time a lot of technologies for building their IT system. First, they rely on .NET Framework and C#. Then, we split into two categories, either Web or classic Windows development. But, the most important next is the data access choice. Either Entity Framework, Transact-SQL, raw SQL, dapper…


Old-school debugging with traces

On the field, a customer has a big Windows application made with C/C++, Windows API and MFC. The application is used by 16.000 users. This app presents multiple windows on the same screens like MDI child browser windows, Win32 app and more. The app reorganizes windows in perspectives. The problem, is that, sometimes, the windows…


ISO C++ last status

This poster shows the status of the ISO C++ standard:   To find more, just go at Herb Sutter blog. Now its’ time to see how many features the Visual C++ Team had implemented.  


Returning JSON data from a REST Web Server

To return data on a rest web server, you have to provide JSON data file format. To illustrate the sample (see my previous post), I have decided to return a simple structure: std::vector<People> peoples utility::string_t job The People structure contains just: utility::string_t name double age I have made a little modification on my PUT handler…


Write your own REST Web Server using C++ using CPP REST SDK (casablanca)

To start, you have to download the C++ REST SDK from Github. It enables to build the library. Just open the sln file in the root folder, restore nuget packages and  and that’s all. Build. The compilation results in a 4,9 MB file. Now you can build your own web server. You just have to…


Why C++ in 2017 ?

What are the advantages of making software with C/C++ in 2017 ? The question is simple. But the response is extraordinary powerful. Let me explain… If you are on the server, you want performance… You don’t want to distribute a huge framework and cross too many layers. If you have the socket handler, you make…


My Favorites C++ Books

There are various books about C++. The reference manuals and the optimizations ones. For example, Addison Wesley has a serie called “C++ In-Depth – Bjarne Stroustrup” also called the red books. Look at this titles: Accelerated C++: Practical Programming by Example, Andrew Koenig and Barbara E. Moo Applied C++: Practical Techniques for Building Better Software,…