Building a Windows 8.1 app – Step 3: Features & Monetization

Back to these steps from App Builder: Create a “best at” statement Decide what user activities to support Decide what features to include Decide if and how to monetize the app Design the UI of the app Design tiles, the splash screen, the first launch, and the home page Prototype and validate the app  …


Designing a Windows 8.1 app – Step 2: Grow your idea

  Just to recap, we have our app idea and we have our toolbox. Day 1 of App Builder is “Planning your Windows Store app” and to me – this is a multiple day (or even week) process.  But follow along, and we’ll get it done. The related MSDN page suggests that we: Create a “best…


Building a Windows 8.1 app – Step 1.5: Locate your toolbox

Sweet! We’ve got our idea. What’s next? We have to ask ourselves a few questions: Am I running windows 8 or 8.1? Do I have Visual Studio 2013 Preview? Do I have a back-end system already set up? Do I have design templates? Most likely your answer to at least one of these questions in…


Building a Windows 8.1 app – Step 1: Pick an idea

Step 1: Pick an idea                 If you’re like me, you don’t necessarily have the creativity where app ideas hit you at every moment or have been dreaming up the perfect app for weeks now. You might be a problem solver though, and you’ll approach the need for an app idea with a few strategies….


First blog post: Introducing Christine the technical evangelist!

Who is Christine? There’s a picture of me in the corner, that’s probably a good start. I joined Microsoft as a technical evangelist a few weeks ago after graduating from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I’m originally from the Bay Area and am very excited to be back…