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TechEd 2007 Visual Studio Profiler Talk Available

The TechEd 2007 VSTS Profiler presentation is available online with slides and a video. Use the key below to jump to the topics that interest you. Time Topic 02:36 Agenda 03:49 Performance lifecycle overview 07:11 Demo – Profiler run-through with a sample app 13:56 Technical deep dive 14:57 – Demo – Finding the critical resource… Read more

Visual Studio Profiler Talk at TechEd 2007

Steve Carroll, the profiler dev lead, and Marc Popkin-Paine, the profiler QA lead, will be presenting at TechEd 2007 tomorrow, June 7th: DEV313 – Improving Code Performance with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System  [N210 E] June 07 9:45 AM 11:00 AM They’ll be explaining and demonstrating how developers can use the VSTS profiler to gain insight… Read more

The Obligatory First Post

I joined the Visual Studio Team System Profiler team as a developer just shy of a year ago and, given that Orcas has hit Beta 1, I’ve decided that a blog is in order. “Wait,” I hear you say, confounded, “Visual Studio has a profiler?” Indeed! This well-kept secret can be accessed through Tools →… Read more