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Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 Available Now!

On Monday, we released Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Beta 2 to the web!  In the new, simplified product lineup, you will find the profiler in the Premium and Ultimate editions. We’ve made a lot of progress since Beta 1 with the profiler and with the product in general.  We would love to… Read more

Visual Studio 2008 AJAX Profiling Extensions Power Tool

Originating in Microsoft Research as Ajax View, the Visual Studio 2008 AJAX Profiling Extensions Power Tool was released today (download here).  It’s a JavaScript performance profiler with a novel approach: it modifies the code sent by your server to include diagnostic code to trace and time function execution.  The client browser then sends profiling data… Read more

Website Performance Talk at MIX09

John Hrvatin, lead program manager on the IE team, recently gave a talk at MIX09 entitled “Building High Performance Web Applications and Sites” (see the presentation key below).  John goes over a number of common performance pitfalls encountered when developing websites with CSS and JavaScript as well as some issues you might encounter at the… Read more

Patch Released To Fix Sampling On Intel Core i7 Processors

A hotfix has been issued for those of you trying to do sample profiling on Intel’s Nehalem-based processors, the most recently released being the Intel Core i7 family.  Previously, trying to do so would result in a blue screen of death (i.e. Windows crash, machine lockup and reboot).  Not very useful.  With this patch, sampling… Read more

See The Profiler At PDC2008

Steve Carroll, development lead for the Visual Studio Profiler, will be at PDC2008 next week giving a presentation on the profiler: What: TL24: Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability When: Wednesday, October 29th, 1:15pm – 2:30pm Where: Room 153 Abstract: “Performance must be considered in each step of the development lifecycle. See how to integrate… Read more

Visual Studio Profiler: Found A Bug? Have A Suggestion?

The profiler is not flawless.  We work hard every day to improve it, however, and we’re always listening to and considering your feedback.  The profiler exists to help you, so if you feel it has shortcomings or if it fails to fully address your scenario, please let us know.  The more we hear from you,… Read more

VS2008 SP1 Website Profiling Bug And Workaround

Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1, while fixing many profiling bugs, has also unfortunately introduced an issue with website profiling.  If you have a website project created with a pre-SP1 version of Visual Studio and then try to profile it using instrumentation with VS2008 SP1, you might run into a rather vague error: “Value does… Read more

Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 Released To The World!

After months of development and some grueling bug fixes, we released the VS2008 SP1 patch to the web this morning.  You can check out more details in the readme.  For the profiler, we fixed a number of bugs including: Adding support for instrumenting 64-bit managed C++ applications Improved instrumentation experience with precompiled websites Shipping the… Read more

Walkthrough: Profiling With Automated Tests

When doing performance investigations, we recommend having some well-defined scenario in mind in order to increase the reproducibility of your issue and increase the consistency of profiling data collected.  This approach is similar in spirit to creating the smallest self-contained repro possible when debugging.  When diagnosing any complex system, limiting the variables involved is a… Read more

Sample Profiling And Stdin

Some command-line applications can read from stdin for use as program input.  The canonical example of this is sort.exe which sorts the list of strings given to it and prints it back out to the console: C:\Temp> type letters.txt m z a C:\Temp> sort < letters.txt a m z Sample profiling an application that reads… Read more