Playing MKV (or any other) media file on the Xbox through Media Extender

I was looking for a way to play MKV files through my Xbox360 via media extender.  The most dominante procedure involves re-encoding the video to avi or something.  WAY too much work.  This is so easy with media extender!  See, the Xbox360’s Media Center can interface with your computer’s Media Center.  As long as the…

Stylizing your Excel worksheets with Open XML 2.0

It’s a long overdue post so I will get right to it. This is not a post about Themes and I probably will never get into it.  The class that applies the actual styling is a collection called CellFormats, which holds a number of CellFormat objects, which basically indexes the Ids of defined Fonts, Fills,…


Creating an Excel spreadsheet from scratch using OpenXML

After spending a work day scouring for some quality examples on how to create an excel spreadsheet, it was pretty obvious there weren’t any.  I am not sure if I should have been surprised or the fact that folks just use the tons of examples where they use an existing Excel spreadsheet file.  For the…


Stackoverflow, TextBox, UpdateSourceTrigger, PropertyChanged, RelativeSource Self

For lack of a better title, I am sure someone out there tried to perform validation work on a textbox where it was bound to itself.  Follow the code sample if you will: <TextBox>    <TextBox.Text>      <Binding RelativeSource=”{RelativeSource Self}” Path=”Text” UpdateSourceTrigger=”PropertyChanged” />    </TextBox.Text></TextBox> Once you type something in the text box, whammo!  StackOverflowException.  See: for reasons why….