Fun with Generics: BindingList and ReadOnlyCollection

Mitch Denny’s post about List events and Bill McCarthy’s subsequent answer pointing him to BindingList had me looking at some Generics Design Guidelines and there were two generic collection types that I really glad I found out about. Mitch’s question (“why doesn’t List<T> fire events”) was similar to the one I was asking myself the other day. I was…


Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 Available

After being announced last week, beta 1 of Visual Studio 2005 has just become available on MSDN Subscriber Downloads. If you have an MSDN Universal license, go get it now!


Presentation: Refactoring

Last week I gave a presentation at the Melbourne Microsoft Developer Group (MDNUG) on Refactoring with code examples in C# (.Net) and using Visual Studio 2005 for some live demonstrations. The slide deck for my Refactoring presentation is available here.


Presentation: Agile .Net Development – Part 1 – Tools and Basics

Last night I gave a presentation at the Melbourne Agile Developer Group (MXPEG) about agile .Net development. The group has a higher proportion of Java developers, so I had volunteered to give a view of agile from a .Net perspective. I only got through half of my material last night, so I’ll be talking again next…


OJB.Net and Generics

I posted a little while ago about trying to use reflection with generic types. I have been trying to use a generic list type within OJB.Net (an object relational mapper for .Net). I finished investigating this and thought I’d post a write-up about it here in case anyone else is using or wants to use OJB.Net and…


VSTS: Getting coded web tests to run

The coded web tests supported by the VSTS test tools really excite me. There are so many web test scenarios that I can now create very easily with a combination of recording and scripting. This will nicely complement the ASP.Net testing capabilities I already have thanks to NUnitAsp. However when I recorded a web test, generated the code from the…


Generics in OJB.Net (a.k.a. Generics Type Madness)

At iP3 we are using OJB.Net for object relational persistence. It is really easy to use, but it was using an ArrayList by default and we wanted to use the new Whidbey Generics List<> type. When OJB.Net creates objects out of the relational data, it uses reflection to generate the IList collection object which is ArrayList by…


VS 2005 May CTP Installation Gremlins

When installing the Visual Studio 2005 May Community Technology Preview, there are three key things to remember: (1) Everything from the VS 2005 March CTP must be uninstalled before starting: MSDN, J#, .Net and VS. (2) You cannot install the VS 2005 May CTP from DVD. I don’t know why, but you have to copy…


Visual Studio Community Technology Preview May 2004 – Installed!

I had some initial trouble installing the May Community Technology Preview (CTP), but after reading the instructions (what a novel idea!) I realised that I just needed to remove all the March components: MSDN, J#, framework, and Visual Studio (VS). Keep an eye on this when you install it, since it doesn’t give you much…


Visual Studio Team System in May CTP

My download of the May CTP is complete. The installation process includes an informative message about VSTS: Welcome to the Visual Studio 2005 Community Technology Preview May 2005 DVD This Community Technology Preview includes functionality from the Visual Studio Team System, a new suite of software lifecycle tools that will ship with Visual Studio 2005. …