Introduction to Dynamics AX for Developers

I did a presentation for the Fargo Moorhead .NET Developers Group last night at the Microsoft Fargo office. The agenda was pretty simple and hopefully it was a useful for some of the 15 people that managed to sit through it prior to Andy Vig wowing us with demonstrations of the cool stuff he saw at…


Geek humour: The search dog

Rory is the co-host of the DotNetRocks online talk show and a Microsoft MSDN presenter. His blog is quite funny most of the time, and occasionally it is completely hilarious. I just saw a post he pointed to last week. Check this out.

Ward Cunningham on Patterns and XP

Ward Cunningham recently did a great interview with TSS.Net. In the interview he talks at length on some great topics including XP, patterns, team development, communication, simplicity, testing, and feedback. If you haven’t seen it already, it is definitely worth the bandwidth. It is available in two sizes for 56k or DSL

PDC 2005: Will you be there?

It is almost the end of another year. It has been a VERY eventful 12 months with changes in jobs and countries among other things. It was just over a year ago that I attended PDC 2003 [Edited] in LA, and it was quite a defining time for me. It’ll be fun to see what I’m doing by the…


Spring has arrived!

In the land down-under, it is springtime. The birds are chirping louder, the days are getting longer, and the sun is getting hotter. I even got sunburnt playing soccer on Sunday :). And for .Net developers Spring in another form has arrived in joyous splendor… Spring.Net 0.6 RC1 has been released. The arrival of Spring.Net gives…

A Big Change: I’m Joining Microsoft

I don’t have a firm start date or travel plan yet (I have my final visa interview on Friday), but I have accepted a position with Microsoft Business Solutions in Fargo, North Dakota to be a Program Manager (PM) in the Microsoft Business Framework (MBF – my previous mention of it, announcement, presentation) team. I expect…


MDNUG: DotNetNuke on the 28th of September

The next MDNUG (Melbourne Microsoft Developer Group) meeting will be on the 28th of September. Frank Arrigo just posted a good summary: Microsoft joins forces with local user groups and brings you the DotNetNuke Development Team (Scott McCulloch and Phil Beadle). Don’t miss this introduction to DotNetNuke and why this open source, solution kit portal…


MDNUG: Melbourne MS Developer Group – Meeting Review – 24 August 2004

Last night we had the monthly MDNUG meeting at Microsoft’s offices in Melbourne. Thank-you everyone for an excellent meeting. A special thank-you to Jill Martindale for hosting the meeting, Brett for his impromptu talk on TechEd 2004, Todd Mitchell for his thoughts on WSE 2 and Reflector, Will for his list of links and information about blogging,…


What makes a good open-source project?

Ted Neward made an interesting post on TheServerSide.Net about .Net and open source: What makes a good open-source project? I posted a response and I thought I’d put it here so I could refer back to it later: Nice post. Those points make alot of sense to me. I don’t think that .Net needs a…


Presentation: Refactoring

Last week I gave a presentation at the Melbourne Microsoft Developer Group (MDNUG) on Refactoring with code examples in C# (.Net) and using Visual Studio 2005 for some live demonstrations. The slide deck for my Refactoring presentation is available here.