Conceptual Thinking Around Services: Which representation is the ‘right’ one?

I have been doing a lot of work with Indigo and Service Orientation recently. I’ve been keeping quiet partly because Indigo was just about to have its big party, but mostly just because I’ve been busy. Like any programming language or development style, I like to think of a service oriented style as a combination of conceptual models (what),…


Jon Eaves: Infotainment

I love geek humor, and Jon Eaves spits it out on a daily basis. Check out his latest contribution to world of patterns; Bulimic Domain Model.


Spring has arrived!

In the land down-under, it is springtime. The birds are chirping louder, the days are getting longer, and the sun is getting hotter. I even got sunburnt playing soccer on Sunday :). And for .Net developers Spring in another form has arrived in joyous splendor… Spring.Net 0.6 RC1 has been released. The arrival of Spring.Net gives…


MBF and WinFS: A view of the world I am entering

Tim Brookins is an Architect on the MBF team (and he is based in Fargo). When I got impatient waiting for a reply about the position in the MBF team, an email to Tim was the thing that sparked it all off ;). I just read a post from Tim (two days old) that explains the…


MDNUG: DotNetNuke on the 28th of September

The next MDNUG (Melbourne Microsoft Developer Group) meeting will be on the 28th of September. Frank Arrigo just posted a good summary: Microsoft joins forces with local user groups and brings you the DotNetNuke Development Team (Scott McCulloch and Phil Beadle). Don’t miss this introduction to DotNetNuke and why this open source, solution kit portal…


Dependency Injection: World changing concept or nothing special?

That was the question that I got asked about a month ago. My response was “something in the middle”. I like Dependency Injection. It facilitates testing, it facilitates change, and it facilitates clean design. I have been thinking about container assisted dependency injection lately and have been playing around with PicoContainer. I’ve been trying to justify the use…